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Hi! I'm Naomi. Welcome to my integrative wellness + positive psychology practice, Nourish to Flourish NYC.  I'm so excited to work with you!

I've been passionate about health and wellness my whole life, and am on a mission to make this world a happier, healthier place, starting with one person at a time. I can't wait to share everything I've learned and help you become happier and healthier, for good.

Consultations with Dr. Arbit

Do you ever find yourself so busy that your self care and wellness fall through the cracks? Do you feel so inundated with health, fitness, and self improvement information that you don't know how to fit it all together or even where to begin? Are you busy juggling multiple roles and commitments and want a one-stop-shop where you can optimize your health and live your very best life? 

I've heard from so many people who do all the things but are exhausted by it. Between the workout classes, the diets, the self improvement and meditation activities, don't you ever wish there was just one place you could go to reach your health and wellness goals?!

Whether you want help with losing weight (and keeping it off!), feeling more fit, a general wellness boost, strategies for keeping your stress levels down or perhaps some coaching & support to help you reach your deepest life goals, you have come to right place. 

I help people take control of their health and skyrocket their wellbeing, supporting them to live their very best lives. I help them feel better in their bodies, lose weight and find physical and mental balance, all while juggling busy lifestyles. Whether you're a parent, student or pursuing a busy career, I will help you integrate a healthy lifestyle into your busy life. I will help you to feel and look both healthier and stronger while supporting you to dream big and reach your life goals. 

My mission is to get people to eat and move in a way that expresses care for their bodies, and, from that place of true self care, to reach for and attain their dreams. In my work with people, I integrate my psychology and nutrition backgrounds with a mind/body movement approach to help people learn to listen to and love their bodies. Once we've established a foundation of integrated wellness, I then support them to dream big and achieve their deeper life goals. 


My integrative wellness and positive psychology practice focuses on the whole person and makes use of a broad range of therapeutic approaches so that I can offer the best practices for optimal health, healing and growth. 

Bachelors of Arts (B.A.), Environment and Economics, McGill University
Masters of Arts (M.A.), Bioethics, New York University
Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (M.A.P.P.), University of Pennsylvania
Masters of Science (M.S.), Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Columbia University 
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Behavioral Nutrition, Columbia University


  • 4+ years conducting and publishing novel research in the psychology of food and eating

  • Almost two years conducting research and counseling patients in the Integrative Medicine unit of Columbia University Medical Center's Pediatric Oncology Division

  • 8+ years teaching yoga; 15+ years practicing

  • 2 Summers as a Research Fellow, Mind and Life Summer Research Institute 

  • Past speaking engagements include presentations to the International Positive Psychology Association, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, National Wellness Institute, and more.​

Please get in touch with me at to learn more about counseling services and packages available.

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