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I am dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential and feel better from the inside out. I help people change their behavior, create positive life habits, and attain excellence in their personal and professional lives. 

My integrative wellness + positive psychology coaching practice focuses on the whole person and makes use of a broad range of therapeutic approaches so that I can offer the best practices for optimal health and wellbeing.

Many of us sense when we aren’t reaching our full potential. Yet it sometimes feels impossible to adjust our habits, because behaviors can be sticky and highly resistant to change. I draw on cutting-edge techniques across a variety of fields to help you change your behaviors and live your very best life.


LOVE to help people reach their highest potential. Whether you're struggling with reaching your goals, high levels of stress, mindless or uncontrolled eating, inactivity or lack of exercise, poor sleep, or unsuccessful dieting, I can help you get unstuck and teach you new skills that will enable you to achieve lasting success. 

Weaving in the science and research on nutrition and fitness, the psychology of happiness, meaning and health behavior, with training and experience in instructing yoga and mindful self compassion, I will guide you through experiential skill-building exercises, mind/body practices, behavior change techniques and targeted coaching activities during our sessions, as well as develop a personalized plan for you to take home and implement. 

Please get in touch with me at 

to schedule an appointment, or learn more about counseling services and packages available.

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