Naomi Arbit, PhD

I'm a behavioral scientist, positive change strategist and coach based in NYC and work with groups, individuals and organizations on enhancing wellbeing and supporting effective behavior change. I help people cultivate the necessary skills to change their behavior, create positive habits, and cultivate excellence and wellbeing in their personal and professional lives. 


My science-based approach combines the best practices in positive psychology, behavioral science, nutrition, mind/body techniques, and exercise physiology. 

​I work with urban professionals, parents, and executives to help them feel better in their bodies, lose weight, find physical and mental balance, and effectively manage stress, all while juggling busy lifestyles. It's a little-known secret that the psychology of wellness and human potential go hand in hand and can be combined to achieve powerful growth.

I am so passionate about the psychology of wellbeing + human potential that after completing three masters degrees I continued on for a PhD in behavioral science so I could learn everything there is to know about the subject and test my own techniques. My approach has now been scientifically proven to work, and I can't wait to share it with you. 

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