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Science-based approaches for
Health | Wellbeing | Performance

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Dr. Naomi Arbit

Dr. Naomi Arbit draws on her training as a psychotherapist, behavioral scientist, mindfulness teacher and coach in supporting clients to grow through challenges and create meaningful change in their lives. She works with a diverse range of clients, including adolescents and adults at all stages of life.


  • Anxiety

  • Career support (goals, transitions and challenges) 

  • Existential questions and the search for meaning 

  • Health behavior change

  • Infertility, perinatal, and postpartum challenges

  • Life concerns and turning points

  • Optimal functioning and peak performance

  • Perfectionism

  • Relationship challenges

  • Stress

  • Substance misuse

  • Weight management, disordered eating and poor body image

  • Women's issues



Sessions with Naomi involve the deepening of insight and self understanding, as well as skill-building using evidence

based strategies.


Naomi offers Psychotherapy, Behavioral Health and Nutrition, Coaching and more.


Naomi’s background includes training as a coach, psychotherapist, psychoeducator and

behavioral scientist.

Ready to work together?

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